Outdoor Learning Spaces

Flexible micro-environments for the global development of the child.

Proposal for three categories of outdoor spaces that are systems of flexible microenvironment of education and culture. Alternatively utilized for academic and social learning activities, culture cultivation, emotional, social and physical development of children and adolescents.

Portfolio: Outdoor Spaces for Educational and Cultural Activities.

Main pedagogical guidelines: 

Improve the relationship between the school and the city; development of educational and cultural activities that promote contact between children and different age groups.

1st/2nd Public High School, located near the historical monument of Eptapyrgio. Municipality of Sykies, urban agglomeration of Thessaloniki.


Α: Educational & free time activities; Β: Cultural and sports activities; C: Leisure and sports zone.

1: Outdoor classroom; 2: Kiosk; 3: Pergola, 4: Seating Area; 5: Green space.

Portfolio: Schoolyards

Main pedagogical guidelines:

Research driven approach to learning; creative activities and socialization.

With two serious planning impediments: confined space (small ratio m2/students) and limited budget.

Portfolio: Outdoor Classrooms

Main pedagogical guidelines:

A flexible module of outdoor spaces, which facilitates the development of several types of communication and interaction to teach or spend free time.

A space to teach, play, take your time ...

It has several flexible microenvironments, made of small spaces that can operate in several different ways: to teach; to create an educational place; to play with friends; to create a spontaneous place and dream, read, share secrets with friends (...)

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