Learning Spaces

Learning spaces are considered to be living environments, oriented towards children's learning and development.

Therefore, the architectural and educational design of learning spaces constitutes an interdisciplinary approach, focusing on the characteristics of the space, the child and the collaborative approach to teaching.

An interdisciplinary approach to learning spaces: RESEARCH, Architectural Design, Teaching.

Dimitris Germanos

Dimitris Germanos is an architect, Dr in social psychology, who specializes in the Learning spaces design, the School buildings design  and the child - space relationship at school. 

Academic functions. 

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece: Emeritus Professor

TeachingHe teaches at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. As a guest professor he has taught at other universities in Greece, France, Portugal and Cyprus.


Applied research. His scientific work covers three main themes :

  • The design of learning spaces (application of his Pedagogical & Architectural Space Design method);
  • Space design as a factor for educational change;
  • Space as a tool related to the learning process and the socialization of children.

The school space approach. The particularity of the multidisciplinary approach of Dimitris Germanos lies in the fact that he designs the school space in a holistic way, as an environment of daily life, and from that of the experience of the user of the space, namely from the psychosocial and educational side. 

He focused his applied research on the school space, considered as a factor in the process of transformation of the Greek school, in particular on the transition of the school class from its traditional mode of operation (still in force in Greece) towards a of cooperative functioning.

Research interests: Learning Spaces; School Architecture; Children’s Spaces; Architecture for Children's Spaces; Linking Pedagogy and Built Space; Space and Place; Co-operative Education; Educational Change; Teacher Education

National Research Agency (ANR), France : Member of the Scientific Expert Committee, French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (2017-2020).

School architecture

His professional work comes within this context and includes the architectural and pedagogical design of school buildings, other educational spaces and creative leisure spaces for children and young people, as well as their realization, 42 projects until today. 

For the elaboration of most of these projects he has coordinated and managed multidisciplinary teams, composed of architects, education specialists and building engineers. Each project was developed after close dialogue with the interested parties, teachers, parents and, in some cases, with pupils, by applying appropriate investigation methods.

Curriculum Vitae (EN)
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